Flexcom Analytics solution integrated with Microsoft TEAMS

For almost 20 years, Flexcom Analytics has been a highly successful solution collecting inbound, outbound and internal call data for Unified Communications control and reporting.

The system is installed on your server, allowing you to collect call data directly from all fixed and mobile devices. Once consolidated, customized reports and dashboards can be created and tailored to your needs. Analytics can fetch Microsoft Teams call information from your cloud environment and include it in your reports.

Having the ability to produce in-depth reports on all call information, from the number of conversations your agents have, who called who, to the modalities they use and the performance of those calls (packet loss rate, jitter, latency, MOS), is something essential for organizations.

For companies investing more time and focus into the Microsoft Teams experience, the ability to access call detailed information becomes more and more beneficial.

Whether you’re looking for solutions to keep your team compliant or you simply want to improve productivity and efficiency in the workforce, the Call Records capability is essential.

Microsoft Call Records is a graph-based webhook API, that offers access to valuable information about the conversations that teams are managing – it can be used by client and third-party applications.

It gives usage and diagnostic information about the calls (internal and external), online meetings, video conference, group calls and screen sharing that occur within your organization while using Microsoft Teams.

Flexcom Analytics solution can now natively integrate with the Microsoft Call Records API, by subscribing to changes using this Microsoft Graph webhook subscription mechanism. It allows Flexcom Analytics to gather Call Detail Records (CDR) from Microsoft Teams and to create near real-time reports from the data, internal call billing, consolidated dashboards and alerts on issues or even specific scenarios such as emergency calls within organizations. This benefit ensures that you can develop insights using real-time data reports.