Release Note Agile Provisioning 5.18

General improvements

Full compatibility with CUCM 14 
The provisioning solution is now fully compatible with CUCM version 14

Italian Language support 🇮🇹
Application is now fully translated in Italian. The language can be configured in the web-admin interface

Provisioning – Queries number improvement
Improvements have been done to limit the number of queries executed on the CUCM at step 3 of simple provisioning. This significatively improves response time for environment with more than 20 000 lines

Adding of privileges to voicemail fields
All fields present in the voicemail edition page are now attached to a dedicated view / edit privilege.

Notification improvements ℹ️
At each provisioning (simple and bulk), a notification can be configured to be informed of the result of the provisioning (success / error) plus deep details about this provisioning

New automatic site filling rate check process
There is a new periodic process that makes check of numbers filling rates for all sites. The configuration of this check is present in web-admin under “Configuration / Web portal / General” in “Sites & ranges” fieldset. If the filling rate of a site exceeds the configured threshold, a notification alert is sent.

Adding of “VoicemailUserTemplate” site variable
A new variable type “voicemailUserTemplate” is now available in the “Sites” page. A voicemail can thus be provisioned very quicky according to the location of the user

Selfcare features

Quick management of ring settings  🔔
A new “ring settings” icon is now available in the main user page. You can configure all ring settings of your lines / devices according to your status (available / on the phone)

Quick management of greetings
Greetings management capabilities are now available in the selfcare voicemail feature. You can enable / disable greetings, upload new audio files and choose greetings actions.

Addition of voicemail(s) management
A new “voicemail” icon is now available in the main user page. You can access to parameters of the Unity voicemail directly through the enduser selfcare

Microsoft Teams features  

User Voice enhancements
It’s now possible to edit Microsoft TEAMS parameters related to the voice for a user. In the “Microsoft 365” sheet of the user edition page, a new fieldset “Voice” is displayed where you can enable the voice, set a hosted voicemail, set on premise line URI, assign routing policies …

Management of Microsoft auto-attendants
A new menu to fully manage Microsoft Auto-Attendant has been created. All parameters and options can be managed through the provisioning GUI. Scope can be applied to limit access to Auto-Attendants for supervisors. Privileges can be set to restrict access to some parameters. So this new module is ready for delegation purpose

Handle multi-tenant Microsoft Teams management
The management of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams is natively possible for multi-tenants through the provisioning. The tenant of the user is now always displayed in the user edition page.