Release Note Agile Provisioning 5.21

The new version 5.21 of our provisioning tool is now available, with its new ultra-powerful Audit Trigger module, and its significant improvements on MS Teams

New powerful audit based Action Trigger

  •  Listen to modification made in MS Teams and propagate changes to your routing rules into your SBC & CUCM, your AD/LDAP phone numbers, or any other information on the servers managed by Agile
  • Automatically perform changes according to your customized business rules
Update of all the routes automatically triggered

Microsoft 365 improvements

  • Major upgrade of PowerShell MS Teams module to version 3.1.1
  • Ability to combine your MS PowerShell scripts with standard provisioning processes
  • Detailed phone numbers of users, resource accounts, auto attendants and call queues
  • Simplified management of line Uri
  • Users and Resource accounts lookups migrated to Graph in order to get better performances
Phone numbers informations

And over than 70 minor improvements and fixes like :

  • the ability to apply custom actions on Webex , Microsoft, and Contact Center account
  • the support of multiple LDAPs for authentication
  • the support of CUCM’s DND options & Intercom Feature through the GUI
  • the support of Unity’s HTML missed calls notification devices through the GUI

       and many others…