Release Note Agile Provisioning 5.22

The new version 5.22 of our provisioning tool is now available, with its new Resource account module, and its significant improvements on Ms Teams

Microsoft 365 improvements

  • New “resource account provisioning” module
  • Optimized interface for Agile cloud-based solution
  • Major upgrade of MS Teams PowerShell module 4.4.1
  • Management of all the MS Teams policies & policy packages
  • Plenty of new MS Teams related site variables
  • Scopes in MS Teams templates
  • Site selection capability for MS auto-attendant, MS call queue and MS resource account

Profile & Synchronization improvements

  • Ability to assign profile from any source type (AD, LDAP, CSV)
  • Improved monitoring panel
  • New meta-directory field login & line URI

And over than 70 minor improvements and fixes like :

  • MySQL 8 / Maria Db 10.6 Compatibility
  • “Bulk delete voicemail” capability
  • Ability to define a default page in the profile
  • Export CSV of sites.
  • New filter on CUCM source

       and many others…