Agile provisioning integration with Webex by Cisco

Webex integration with agile provisioning

Agile Provisioning has a native and seamless integration to manage UCC services in the Webex Cloud. Whether you are using Webex Teams, Webex Meetings or Webex Calling, Agile Provisioning helps simplify the provisioning of users in your Cisco cloud organization.

About Webex by Cisco

Webex by Cisco is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, file share, team messaging and webinars.  The cloud-based collaboration suite is comprised of software including Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, Webex Calling and Webex Devices.


The “Cisco Webex control hub” is the native web interface intended to manage cloud based services like messaging, meeting and calling for collaborators in an organization. Access to this management tool is generally restricted to administrators only. There is no possibility for either a supervisor or a local manager to have dedicated access for customizing their employee’s collaboration services or user experience.

Agile provisioning is a solution designed to simplify and to delegate daily MACD’s (Move – Add – Change – Delete) of your Unified Communications and Collaboration platform. It reduces time and costs associated with MACD’s operation.

Manage your Webex UCC environment easily with Agile Provisioning:

  • Decrease the time you spend managing on-prem, cloud and hybrid UCC services
  • Enforce compliance and security
  • Digitize recurrent MACD’s according to your organizational standards
  • Give autonomy to local administrators and supervisors with one streamlined GUI
  • Provide real-time access to UCC data with no synchronization constraints
  • Manage multiple Webex organizations

How to use Agile Provisioning

Once Agile Provisioning is setup, you will have an access to a simplified Graphical Web Interface where you can start managing users in your organization inside the Webex cloud.

provisioning Webex

According to permissions that are granted in your access profile, you would be allowed to:

  • Bulk create users in the Webex cloud (Control Hub)
  • Manage user roles, Webex licenses and services in your organization
  • Assign rooms and teams to users
  • Delegate the day to day changes to a local supervisor
  • Audit all changes done by your team (when, what, who and status of change)