Delegate and automate Cisco Webex provisioning with Agile Provisioning

The “Cisco Webex control hub” is the native web interface intended to manage cloud based services like messaging, meeting and calling for collaborators of an organization. Access to this management tool is generally restricted to administrators only. There is no possibility neither for a supervisor nor for a local manager to have a dedicated access for customizing only a part of their employees together with a part of services.

For examples, Cisco webex meeting includes a lot of powerful features like:

  • File transferring capabilities
  • Desktop sharing
  • Remote control option
  • Recording activation
  • Whiteboard enabling
  • Remote printing

but it is complicated to easily enable or disable these previous features for some end-users and for some departments within the organization. Generally, in a production environment, the feature is enabled or disabled by default for the entire company to avoid increasing workload for daily changes and to avoid the risk of error.

The agile provisioning solution brings significant added value for Webex provisioning and Webex daily changes. With its intuitive web interface, all powerful webex meeting features can be managed very easily through a unique pane of glass:

  • Have a real time view of Webex meeting license usage by site
  • Grant or remove Webex meeting features to a part of users in one click
  • Assign rooms, teams and Webex licenses
  • Audit Webex changes

With powerful customization features, Agile Provisioning quickly adapts to your changing needs and allows you to provision all or part of your employees’ UC services.

Our Agile Provisioning solution is designed to simplify changes to your telephony infrastructure (cloud and on-premises). Advanced tools for delegating rights and automating recurring processes reduce the time and costs associated with day-to-day operations. Fully integrated with your information system, you can manage administrator profiles and associated rights to delegate without compromising security.


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